Hi there, I'm Hamadel…

I am a Franco-senegalese photographer / filmmaker based in London.


I shoot and edit portraits, food, products, travel videos and music videos.

I also do photo manipulations and compositing that you can find on my Instagram account (@hamadel_n).


What I love about it, is the ability to capture emotions and trigger feelings in my clients when they are looking at the final product.


Whether the subject matter is portrayed in portrait or landscape.  Whether it is a picture of yourself, a loved one, a dish that you want to advertise or an event you want to record…it’s all about finding the best way to tell a story that you can relate to. 


A story that draws out those inner feelings and presents them to the world.  A story that you can visualize and interpret your way. A story that starts in the frame but continues in your subconscious.


I consider the job done if you can smell the flavour of that smoked chicken, hear the laughter of that smiling baby or feel the excitement and the energy of people enjoying the concert.


If you need visual content to be captured or someone to help with the editing process, don’t be shy, just drop me a line so we can discuss about how we can bring your next amazing project to life!